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Vivian Parsons, Executive Directorparsons

"At the County Commissioners' Association of West Virginia, we are dedicated to increasing communication among our membership, sister organizations, state agencies, and the legislature. It is our goal to use this communication to accomplish the stated mission of the organization and to assure that.........County Government Works"

Vivian Parsons has served as the Executive Director for the County Commissioners' Association of West Virginia since July 1, 1996. This organization represents County Commissioners from across the state. Prior to accepting this position, Vivian spent 7 ½ years with the West Virginia Association of Counties. She received an Associate Degree in Management from West Virginia State College in 1993, and a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Mountain State University in 2005.

While born in Medina, New York in 1960, Vivian returned to West Virginia in 1963 never to leave again! She was raised in central West Virginia (Clay County) and now resides with husband, Mack Parsons in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

"I've always been a "people person" along with an interest in local government affairs. I began my working years with the West Virginia State Tax Department in their Chief Inspector Division. This division worked with local governments, auditing their books and providing training for county officials. Through this training process, I made my first contacts with county officials on a state-wide basis and through those contacts, went to work for the West Virginia Association of Counties (WVACo) in December 1988. I served as office manager, conference co-ordinator, and staff lobbist for the group and developed a real attachment to County Association work. After 7 ½ years with WVACo, I had the golden opportunity to move into the Executive Director's position with the County Commissioners' Association of West Virginia, where I serve today! It's a great way to stay in touch with reality and a perfect opportunity to help shape public policy...I love it!"

Jennifer Piercy, Communications Director

Jennifer Piercy is a native of West Virginia. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Marshall University. She previously worked for the West Virginia Division of Tourism.  

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