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Welcome to the official website of the County Commissioner's Association of West Virginia.

This Association is comprised of hard working, elected County Commissioners from across the State of West Virginia.  By utilizing our three-fold mission to represent, educate and communicate, this Association works to the best of its ability to further help our constituents improve their quality of life. Whether it be through our workshops, Association meetings, or legislative functions, to name a few examples, County Commissioners across the state have a well organized and functional Association to support them.

All meetings, activities and functions allow Commissioners across the state to provide a unified front to the legislature and to the people we represent in our local counties.  Issues are brought forward, discussed, and decisions are made to help our citizens flourish in today's world. We don't always agree, but when a decision is made for the betterment of the majority, we "agree to disagree" and move forward. 

The CCAWV, through its membership, will always strive to be the best steward it can to promote a high quality of life for the people of the great State of West Virginia.

Tim McCormick, President
County Commissioners Association of West Virginia

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