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To answer this question, Mingo County’s desire to ameliorate is increasing every day. Our elected county officials have such an alacrity to do so that it is inspiring. Many people notice how extremely close our residents are. We bond as a family, instead of just living in the same area. Same goes for the officials in our government. Each person on our county commission and so on not only cares about their job, but the people that are affected by the actions that they make. Although there are numerous things, there are three main things that especially make life better for me.

Firstly Mingo’s government works hard to exterminate drug trafficking. Drug abuse is a touchy subject, and often gets tossed aside for that very reason. Being a teenager, it makes me feel safe knowing that this issue is not taken lightly in our community. Officers will often visit our schools and hold programs discussing the issue and ways to prevent it. Our county is protecting me by having a zero-tolerance policy. Our very own sheriff Eugene Crum was killed in the line of duty recently while cleaning up the county. He was one who would make routine visits, and he was very passionate about clearing the area of drugs and drug users. His legacy will forever live on and allow our county to move forward in the right direction.

Coinciding with that is that our county is rehabilitating people with drug issues. They’re trying to get funds toward creating a rehab center. Until then, our magistrate runs what is called a “day report” alternative sentence, which requires you to obtain your GED and take drug tests every three days. This is used for people who are hoping to better themselves. That is huge because it shows that our county government isn’t just punishing people. They’re trying to get them back on the right track, and this makes my community so much more productive. He says that with the program, if the people follow through it helps to create more jobs, which is what my next topic is about.

The counties of West Virginia receive a severance tax from coal, which is our primary industry. The Mingo County government puts this money to good use. The county commission donates to the local fire departments, and also reinvest in industry like coal to liquid fuel and the attempt to bring more factories to our county. What our officials are hoping to do is create more jobs outside of just the coal industry. They are investing in the future so that my generation will have jobs and opportunities so that we may stay in the county as we grow older instead of moving away to look for work.

In conclusion, I definitely feel as though my county government is putting thought into making it a safer environment, a cleaner place to live, and providing jobs for my generation. Not only do they take care of issues today, they are looking toward the future.

Second Place

County: Harrison

Teacher’s Name: Shannan Hines

Name of School: Bridgeport Middle School

Student’s Name: Neyha Naveed

Harrison County is an extremely crucial county to the state of West Virginia but it is also very important to me. It is located in the north-central region of West Virginia and covers 416.6 miles of land. This essay will explain why Harrison County is so critical to me and how my county betters my life as well as life for its numerous residents.

We do not really take the time to think about what our county does for us because everything is provided immediately. Harrison County provides everyone with safety services, emergency services, waste management, and water. This only scratches the surface to what our county does to better our lives. Everyone needs to take more time to understand how hard our counties work.

Harrison County provides us with countless safety and emergency services. We have police officers that work feverishly to keep our streets and homes secure. Without them, the world would be exceedingly hazardous. Even when someone is hurt or injured, county emergency services are able to assist them almost instantaneously. Our county has a plentiful amount of ambulances and trained medical practitioners to arrive promptly and rescue the victims whenever an accident occurs. Safety and emergency services are incredibly essential and we are massively dependent on them even without realizing it.

Yet another thing that our county gives us is waste and sanitation services. The county makes sure that waste is properly disposed of so that it is not harmful to anyone’s health. They are not only keeping us safe from dangerous waste but are also keeping the environment safe. Not only does Harrison County take care of everyday household trash, it also takes care of bio hazardous trash. Our county works really hard to keep the area sanitary.

Water is another much needed resource that Harrison County residents receive. Most residents do not even realize that our county plays a major role in our water. They make sure that we get water each time we turn on the faucet. If you have a leak, they even have a leak adjustment form that you can fill out, send in, and they will help you with your leak. Harrison County tests to ensure that the water is clean and safe for human consumption. The county has an enormous job on their hands because providing water is one of the many things Harrison County does for everyone.

Harrison County does so much for all of its residents, a lot of things that we do not even realize. It takes care of our safety services, emergency services, waste management, and even water. It takes hard work and dedication to make sure that all of these programs that we are provided with are run smoothly whenever they are needed. We need to think about what our county does for us and be grateful. In conclusion, our county works hard to make sure that all our necessities are there for us and that makes our lives not only easier, but better.

Third Place

County: Wood

Teacher’s Name: Leila Marlow

Name of School: Edison Middle School

Student’s Name: Shelby Devericks

Wonderful Wood County is the home of the four founders of West Virginia: Arthur I. Boreman, William Stevenson, Peter Godwin Van Winkle, and Jacob Blair. Based on the contributions of these men alone, Wood County is remarkable, but our county commissioners are the individuals who help keep us great! Our commission office is comprised of three officials: Doctor Wayne Dunn, David Blair Couch, and Stephen Gainer. These men supervise the purchasing and budgeting of our government, they work with the state federal government, and they oversee hearings for local residents. These men work wonders for Wood County, and help me in my everyday life! Three issues my commissioners are dealing with are the funding of the humane society, budget cuts, and the opening of the Justice Center.

At the moment, Wood County commissioners are planning to visit Humane Societies around West Virginia in order to improve our Humane Society. The Humane Society is spending too much money, and in order to fix that, we need changes. Our commissioners plan to visit Mason County facilities on April 29th the Upshur and Monongahela facilities on May 3rd, and lastly visit Washington County on May 2nd. They hope to gain an outlook on how to run our Humane Society. With the help of our commissioners our county can better organize, make a profit, and help more animals at our local Humane Society.

Next off, my county commissioners are dealing with the yearly budget. They are reviewing requests for more money while also making budget cuts. They are worried the money going into the budget will not continue funding outside agencies. They’re making careful decisions, and they’re not being hasty. They are concerned that funds coming in do not match the money still going out. If it wasn’t for our county commissioners, Wood County would be struggling financially!

Lastly, our commissioners completed the Justice Center. The ceremonies included honoring Chief Supreme Court Justice Joseph Albright. This building is used for housing of local law enforcement and as a holding center. The completion of this building was a huge achievement for Wood County, and will further lead to greater accomplishments. Not only does this building offer room for law enforcement, it also offers jobs for more people of Wood County.

In closing, our commissioners of Wood County do amazing things! They work hard to better the lives of local citizens. I believe our commissioners are the greatest asset to Wood County. They are working to improve our Humane Society. They believe if they receive advice concerning other Humane Societies, it will help Wood County make a profit. They are working on the budget. There will be cuts made for businesses, but will benefit the whole county! Our commissioners finished the Justice Center which will give jobs to many people. I believe our county commissioners are doing an extraordinary job. Writing this essay has really opened my eyes to everything my commissioners do for me and the residents of Wood County!

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