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Another legislative session behind us! I am working on summaries of signed legislation that have county implications and hope to get it to you sometime this month.

County Leadership Academy 2015 planning continues. I attended a monthly meeting in Morgantown on March 18th and this year’s theme is “Think Creatively, Connect Resourcefully.” WVU President Gordon Gee has confirmed his participation for 2015 and other presenters are shaping up nicely! Save the date – Sept 30 – Oct 2.

I attended the 2nd WV Physical Activity Symposium at Embassy Suites, hosted by WVU. Terrific presentation line-up, (including PEIA) updating on numerous physical activity opportunities currently taking place in West Virginia and ideas & resources for more! I also spent the afternoon with other sector committee members updating the WV Physical Activity Plan 2020. CCAWV is a partner in this effort to get West Virginians moving. Statistics prove being active = being healthier!

Regional Meetings are in mid-cycle and discussions have been good.

Election Day has come and gone and in January we will welcome 29 new county commissioners to our Association!

The election has also brought major change to the legislative landscape, with Republicans controlling both House and Senate.

That means new leadership, including all committee chairs. The CCAWV Legislative Committee held a special meeting last week to tweak our agenda and plan our legislative strategy. We think there are a number of legislative issues we can collaborate on and are excited about the upcoming session.

Please try to make the regional roundtable meeting for your region to discuss these issues, and don’t forget to invite your legislators, including the newly elected folks! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Fall is here and elections are just around the corner. We’ve been super busy planning the 2014 Basic Training Program for new and veteran county commissioners November 19-21 in Bridgeport, WV. We’ve enclosed  a  registration form so you can get registered right away!

If you have a new commissioner coming in January, help us get them registered as soon as the elections are certified! (Remember as a membership benefit CCAWV covers the expense of room and registration for newly elected commissioners.) One other thing, the NACo Prescription Drug Program! Remember this program costs counties nothing, benefits your county citizens, and the endorsement fee received by the CCAWV is used to reimburse county commissions for 50% of your NACo annual dues!!! By routinely renewing interest in our program, everyone wins!

The County Commissioners’ Board held the spring meeting last weekend and it was a full agenda!  Multiple issues were addressed and many positive things accomplished. CCAWV’s Strategic Plan was reviewed and 3 new goals added. Lots of discussion centered around the financial hardships many counties are facing, how other parties are reacting to such, and ways that we can help each other with these situations through the CCAWV and our partners! Stay tuned for more information as solutions progress.

Summer is just around the corner! Time for Spring Board meeting and planning for the Annual CCAWV conference! In preparation for both, I’ve been working on the finances of the Association and thinking about the finances out there in your counties. I know that budgets are tight for most and in some counties so tight that they are suffocating county services. Iwant all commissioners to know that the CCAWV is doing all that we can to be a service to you in these difficult and trying times. Below are a few of the recent issues we’ve been working on.

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