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Committee meetings have kept us busy this month. The Legislative Tax Reform Committee reviewed property taxes and heard from Commissioners, Sheriffs, Assessors and municipalities. They discussed industrial, commercial, residential, and natural resources valuation methods. Their next meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2015 at the State Capital and they’ll move on to corporate net taxes. All their presentation materials are available for review on line at committee.cfm?abb=tax. The WV Public Health Impact Task Force also met. Both President Cartmill and I represent CCAWV on the Task Force. Ritchie County Commissioner Stephen Worden and Putnam County Commissioner Andy Skidmore are also appointed members of the Task Force.

The committee has been meeting monthly since April, to review the current Public Health structure and look for methods to enhance public health services by defining mission and scope of public health in West Virginia, using public health accreditation to drive performance and quality of service, integrating community resources and defining the Bureau of Public Health’s statutory and regulatory authority.

All meetings are open to the public and the next meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2015. That’s my discussion for the month…hope to see you at the Waterfront!

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