CCAWV’s new Quarrier Street office is on track for completion this month! We hope to be moved in by the New Year. The floors have been stained and the kitchen is nearly finished. The kitchen upgrade included a new sink, painted cabinets, and an updated backsplash. As soon as the floors are installed, it will be all done. Bathrooms are also looking good! We have started packing boxes as the Washington street office.

It won’t be long now!

The election is over! I believe that many of you will agree with me that on November 5th our lives changed. There were no more campaign ads on TV. In fact, campaigning had finally stopped. The winners had been announced and life was back to what we call “normal”.

For those who won, I congratulate you and I hope that you enjoy your six year journey as a County Commissioner. CCAWV has just completed basic training for newly elected commissioners and it was a pleasure to meet everyone and participate in this orientation session.

CCAWV’s Basic Training for Veteran and Newly Elected Commissioners was held November 19-21 in Bridgeport, WV. The three day event provides comprehensive training for newly elected Commissioners and serves a a “refresher” course for those who have been in office for some time. In addition, it offers an opportunity for Commissioners from across the state to connect and exchange ideas. With well over sixty attendees, the conference was quite a success! Attendees received a copy of CCAWV’s Commissioners’ Handbook, which is a valuable resource for Commissioners veteran and new! The program coved a wide range of topics.

Ron Watson of the Harrison County Commission was on hand to welcome everyone to Harrison County. Greg Bailey of Bowles Rice LLP covered ethics and the Sunshine Law. Former Commissioner John Sorrenti led a session on how to conduct an effective meeting. Commissioners were introduced to NACo by former CCAWV President and NACo Board Member, Tim McCormick.

Regional Meetings are in mid-cycle and discussions have been good.

Election Day has come and gone and in January we will welcome 29 new county commissioners to our Association!

The election has also brought major change to the legislative landscape, with Republicans controlling both House and Senate.

That means new leadership, including all committee chairs. The CCAWV Legislative Committee held a special meeting last week to tweak our agenda and plan our legislative strategy. We think there are a number of legislative issues we can collaborate on and are excited about the upcoming session.

Please try to make the regional roundtable meeting for your region to discuss these issues, and don’t forget to invite your legislators, including the newly elected folks! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Members of CCAWV’s Board and Legislative Committee met in beautiful Greenbrier County to discuss legislative priorities for the upcoming session. Karen Lobban, Greenbrier Commission President,  welcomed members before they began  working on a full agenda. Chris Carey, of WVCoRP, gave an update on the Risk Pool, and Duane Ruggier, II Esq.  gave a presentation about handicap accessibility in WV Courthouses. The legislative committee discussed issues that will be facing commissioners and county officials in the coming Legislative Session and determined a legislative agenda, which was presented to the board for approval. In addition, the schedule was set for CCAWV’s upcoming regional roundtable discussion It was a very productive meeting, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming roundtables!

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