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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its attendant requirements have complicated the world of HR administration substantially. Do you or the person responsible for your county’s HR administration know if your county is an ALE (applicable large employer)? Does the insurance coverage you are offering qualify as MEC (minimum essential coverage)> Are you familiar with the four approaches to determine MV (minimum value) of coverage? Are you confused yet?

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On Thursday, May 15th, the Regional Jail Authority hosted its first “Cost Containment Committee” meeting at the South Western Regional Jail. This will be the first in a series of meetings designed to engage local government officials in an ongoing dialogue with the Regional Jail Authority. All parties have a vested interest in keeping jail costs down.  This will provide an excellent forum to talk openly about what is working, what isn’t working, and why.

May was a busy month for West Virginia politicians! The WV legislature convened for another Special Session on the heels of the West Virginia Primary, which took place May 13, 2014. During the Special Session, the legislature took up the budget cuts Governor Tomblin had made with his line item veto. In all, they restored over 1 million in funding. The money, which will come from excess lottery funds, will go towards programs that support West Virginia’s children and families, such as Family Resource Network and Child Advocacy Centers.

Summer is just around the corner! Time for Spring Board meeting and planning for the Annual CCAWV conference! In preparation for both, I’ve been working on the finances of the Association and thinking about the finances out there in your counties. I know that budgets are tight for most and in some counties so tight that they are suffocating county services. Iwant all commissioners to know that the CCAWV is doing all that we can to be a service to you in these difficult and trying times. Below are a few of the recent issues we’ve been working on.

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