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Wow…summer is over and the Fall Board Meeting is just around the corner.  Time to start thinking about the county legislative issues for 2017.  Regional meetings will be held in December this year due to elections in November and a delayed legislative session that will begin on February 8th.   Speaking of elections, good luck to all those commissioners seeking reelection!  I wish you successful returns and a smooth election process.

Our Annual CCAWV meeting, held in Canaan Valley this year, went great.  Attendance was good and the agenda feedback was excellent.  Congratulations to Mercer County Commissioner Greg Puckett, recipient of the 2016 James Booton CCAWV Rising Star Award!  Greg is an active CCAWV Legislative Committee member and represents West Virginia on the NACo Opioid Task Force!  To those unable to attend, we missed you!  It was a great exchange of issues, ideas, and solutions, some of the best yet!

It is often the toughest times that produce the best ideas…one such idea was the creation of a county disaster resource hub by the association and we’ll be sharing more about that with you soon!  We are also working on Long Term Recovery training and held our first workshop on August 26th.  Additional efforts are in the works, stay tuned.  Happy Fall, Y’all!

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