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As summer comes to an end and fall is upon us, the weather is very confusing.  Today temperatures reached 100 and felt even hotter. I do hope we have some beautiful, crisp fall weather and that we do not jump straight from hot temperatures to cold and snow.  Fall is such a picturesque time and most of us really love good football weather.

Speaking of weather, August was a beautiful time to be at Canaan Valley for the annual CCAWV Conference.  If you did not attend, you missed a great time of interaction with county commissioners and some very good presenters. The discussion between county commissioners, as we talked about the many issues facing counties, was very enlightening. It was a time to learn what other counties are doing and how they deal with very difficult issues. Many excellent speakers brought a wealth of knowledge during the workshop sessions. It was a great time of networking, sharing experiences and coming together to set the course for the future.

In September, the Board of Directors will meet along with the Legislative Committee to talk about our legislative concerns.  Many of these came from discussions at the August conference. As we get ready for the 2017 Legislative session, which starts in February, we certainly need to focus on those things that will benefit counties the most. Once the legislative agenda is complete, we all need to work hard and make sure our own Delegates and Senators are very informed and know exactly what our needs are and how they can help.

 Please join us as we all work together to get some much needed help and support for counties.  Together WE can.

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