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To celebrate “County Government Month”, CCAWV has launched its annual essay contest. Held every April, we ask eighth grade students to write a 500 word essay describing how their county commission helps them in their daily lives. In previous years, some commissions have used this as an opportunity to engage their young community members. They have gone to schools and spoken about what they do. They’ve explained how some processes, like budgeting, which may seem abstract to an eighth grade mind, work to provide very tangible benefits to residents (like parks!).

Another legislative session behind us! I am working on summaries of signed legislation that have county implications and hope to get it to you sometime this month.

County Leadership Academy 2015 planning continues. I attended a monthly meeting in Morgantown on March 18th and this year’s theme is “Think Creatively, Connect Resourcefully.” WVU President Gordon Gee has confirmed his participation for 2015 and other presenters are shaping up nicely! Save the date – Sept 30 – Oct 2.

I attended the 2nd WV Physical Activity Symposium at Embassy Suites, hosted by WVU. Terrific presentation line-up, (including PEIA) updating on numerous physical activity opportunities currently taking place in West Virginia and ideas & resources for more! I also spent the afternoon with other sector committee members updating the WV Physical Activity Plan 2020. CCAWV is a partner in this effort to get West Virginians moving. Statistics prove being active = being healthier!

Wow! What a Legislative session. Our heads are reeling from so many bills that had a direct effect on county budgets. It seemed that things changed almost every day and it was so difficult to keep up with exactly how much those changes would cost the county. We still have issues that are being studied by the Legislature and we can expect those to be back next year. It was an interesting session, to say the least.

Lots and lots of thanks go to Vivian Parsons and Steve Kominar for their unwavering support of counties. I could not begin to know just how many hours they spent at the Capitol keeping up with all the legislation that was forever changing. Vivian and Megan always seemed to find time to inform our membership as to what was happening on a daily basis. This allowed everyone to stay in contact with their own legislators and made a huge difference in the outcome of the session. We now have time to get ready for next year and, hopefully, be better prepared to deal with the issues.

Each year, CCAWV holds eight regional roundtable meetings across the state. These meetings are a crucial component of CCAWV’s three-pronged mission. REC (representation, education and communication). They provide our members and their legislators with an opportunity to discuss issues they are facing regionally.

Additionally, it is a chance for members to review and discuss the Association’s legislative priorities for the coming legislative session. Each of the meetings brings to light the issues and challenges commissioners from different parts of the state are facing.

Many times, the issues align (Regional Jail costs, for example), but it is important for CCAWV to learn about problems that are specific to counties or regions. This enables us to better advocate for all commissioners at the Capitol.

If you haven’t registered for your roundtable, please do so today.

Encourage your legislators to attend as well!

CCAWV’s new Quarrier Street office is on track for completion this month! We hope to be moved in by the New Year. The floors have been stained and the kitchen is nearly finished. The kitchen upgrade included a new sink, painted cabinets, and an updated backsplash. As soon as the floors are installed, it will be all done. Bathrooms are also looking good! We have started packing boxes as the Washington street office.

It won’t be long now!

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