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Let the Madness begin!!!

Oops, it just ended!! Another legislative session, another round of Board of Review hearings, and another round of budget sessions are almost in the book!!

Plus, our usual daily chores of running a county!! Thanks to all that helped in the lobbying process, whether by phone, email, face to face or just by being there!!

Kudos to Vivian, Megan and Jim Bowen for all their hard work, as usual!! We as Commissioners need to continue moving forward and by making our counties better places to live and prosper.

If there are any questions about any legislation that passed or didn't pass, just give Vivian a call and she can inform you as to where things stand. I know you are all busy so I will not keep you. Stay safe, healthy and I hope your brackets are filled out and doing well!!!

As we enter this new year, we are faced with challenges, some known and some unknown, that we must overcome to the best of our ability as elected officials.  The voters have placed their trust and faith in us to do what is best for them.  We are expected to improve the quality of life for our constituents and we must deliver.  And we WILL!  Working together, as the County Commissioners’ Association of West Virginia, we can overcome the hurdles we face, and go over, around, or under them.  Whatever it takes to get the job done!  There will be disagreements, discussions, and even heated “debates”, but we will work together to achieve our goals!

I know you all have the passion necessary, as I do, to move forward.  Not only as an Association, but as human beings that care for other human beings.  Everything we do revolves around the idea that we work for and with others to make their lives better, as well as our own.  We must set aside personal differences, work together, and do what is right to help move our Counties and our State in a positive direction.  We have done so in the past, and we  will continue to do so.

Vince Lombardi once said, “the only place success comes  before work is in the dictionary.”  If we work hard, work together as a unit, stay positive and motivated, we can accomplish a great deal for our citizens!  The only thing left to say is:  Let’s get to work!!

Tim McCormick, President


This is our busiest time of year coming up ladies and gentlemen. We have our legislators in session as we speak. We have our own CCAWV Legislative and Business meetings in Charleston, January 26-28. We have Board of Equalization and Review. We have budget hearings and levy establishment. Have I missed anything? Oh yeah, our daily dealings with our constituents and county concerns to deal with as well a courthouse full of employees!!! Thank God we're only part time employees!!?? I hope to see as many of you as possible at our legislative and business meeting in January at the Charleston Marriott. We have some great informational workshops to attend, and thank you to Vivian for putting together a great agenda and workshop session. We will also get the chance to talk to our legislators face to face in their backyard!! Don't forget to invite them to our reception. It only gets bigger and better every year, because of YOU!!

Please remember this is a member driven organization and you are the members!! Without all of you, we could not move forward making the lives of our citizens better and giving them a better county and state to live in!!

I trust all have had an opportunity to attend their regional roundup and/ or will be attending one.

We just finished ours last week and it went very well! Please don't miss this chance to speak face to face with your representatives and explain the CCAWV agenda. Thank you to Vivian and Megan for all their hard work and travels helping us spread the word!!!

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have a great deal to be thankful for; our families, our health, and the opportunity to live in a country that allows us to be free and express our thankfulness in our own personal way!!!

Have a great holiday season and to hell with the diets!!!!!

I hope everyone made it back home safely from our Annual meeting and Auditor's training in Stonewall. Everyone should be congratulated and thanked for their attendance and input for a great conference. Thank you to Lewis County for their wonderful hospitality as hosts for the event. Thank you to First Vice President of NACo, Commissioner Riki Hokama from Maui, Hawaii,for his attendance and participation with us, letting us know that NACo is OUR organization and that we need to be involved. Riki liked it here in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia so much, I think we have him coming back again next year when we meet in Cabell County!! Thank you to Vivian, Jennifer and Megan for all that they do for us to make our jobs easier, more efficient and more effective!! Mostly, I would like to thank all of you, my fellow Commissioners, and your Administrators for being involved with our organization, CCAWV!! You are the backbone of our association and we, like NACo, are a membership driven organization!! Without all of you, we are nothing!!

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