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The election is over! I believe that many of you will agree with me that on November 5th our lives changed. There were no more campaign ads on TV. In fact, campaigning had finally stopped. The winners had been announced and life was back to what we call “normal”.

For those who won, I congratulate you and I hope that you enjoy your six year journey as a County Commissioner. CCAWV has just completed basic training for newly elected commissioners and it was a pleasure to meet everyone and participate in this orientation session.

We can always tell when election time rolls around by the many signs that dot the landscape. Many of you are running for re-election, including me, and campaign signs are a big part of the process. Name recognition is a major part of campaign and keeping your name in front of people is so very important. Putting up signs is a great way to do that.

You should have received registration information for both our CCA meetings and the mandatory Auditors training. I certainly hope that you all will join us in Cabell County and tend to our business at hand.  There will be workshops and discussions to be had that will definitely keep you alert and on task. We have had several counties come under attack by the court system in one way shape or fashion that we need to discuss. The outcome of those cases may  very well affect our own counties and how we do business. Don't forget the Door Prize dinner and bring your prize, representative of your County.

The Primary is over!! Congratulations to those moving forward and huge thank yous to those that are not and have served their office faithfully!!

Our spring Board meeting is June 22-23 at the Wheeling Island Racetrack and Casino. Hopefully all members of the Board can attend, and remember ALL members of the CCAWV are welcome if they so desire. I am sure we will have a full agenda and decisions to be made. If you have any questions, let Vivian or Megan know!

As you all know, CCAWV sponsors an essay contest for 8th graders in West Virginia dealing with “how your county helps you”. This is a way to expose our young folks to County Government and how it operates and what we, as commissioners do for our constituents.

This is a great learning opportunity for our young West Virginians to begin to understand what we do to help them and possibly encourage them to get involved with their county and/or community. It’s a great way to spread our message of helping others and improving the quality of life for our residents. There is also a monetary award for the winners and their teachers.

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