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We have work to do to prepare ourselves for a new fiscal year and legislative session to deal with. I am sure you have all balanced your budgets and are ready to move forward with your County's new fiscal year also! Any folks planning to attend NACos Annual Meeting in Texas, make sure you have taken care of your credentials for the election of Second VP. If you have any questions. just go to the NACo website or give me a call.


Congratulations to our essay contest winners this year and the county they reside in. Vivian is making personal appearances at your meetings with the check and the awards. As you know, Jennifer is leaving us for "greener pastures" but will be at our annual meeting. Please wish her well and thank her for all her hard work for all of us!! Have a great, safe and enjoyable summer. See you in Texas and/or Stonewall, and if your head looks like mine - don't forget the sunscreen

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