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Signs come in all sizes and those big ones are hard to put up and sometimes even harder to take down. Before my husband passed away, he was the sign person and he took his job very seriously. He never, ever complained. So I was very surprised one day when he came home and told me he was going to the Legislature to get a bill passed. I asked him what the bill was about. He informed me he wanted campaign signs banned and he was going to ask the Legislature to do just that. He was tired of putting them up and taking then down and he hated looking at them when he was driving down the road. I have heard of nervous breakdowns, but never a sign breakdown.

Since I now have to do my own signs, I certainly agree with him. I have seen all the signs I want to see. We all believe we must have lots and lots of signs to win an election so they have become a necessary evil. If there is anyone out there running for office with no signs, I would like to hear from you. As much as I would love to have a sign-free campaign, I am afraid to try.

Good luck to everyone who is running for re-election and to everyone else, please read those signs and don’t forget to vote!

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