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CCAWV’s Board of Directors gathered at Wheeling Island Casino in Ohio County on June 22nd and 23rd for their annual spring board meeting. Canvassing requirements had forced the board to meet later than usual, but it was a very productive meeting. Board members and members of the legislative committee reviewed the 2014 Legislative Session,  which, barring the “salary saga”, was a relatively quiet one for Commissioners.

Sunday, August 3rd, Commissioners from across West Virginia will gather at Huntington’s Pullman Plaza for their Annual Meeting and training series by the WV State Auditor’s Office. We plan to have a full training agenda as well as some fun opportunities to meet and mingle with commissioners from all corners of the state. The meeting is just a month away!

The County Commissioners’ Board held the spring meeting last weekend and it was a full agenda!  Multiple issues were addressed and many positive things accomplished. CCAWV’s Strategic Plan was reviewed and 3 new goals added. Lots of discussion centered around the financial hardships many counties are facing, how other parties are reacting to such, and ways that we can help each other with these situations through the CCAWV and our partners! Stay tuned for more information as solutions progress.

You should have received registration information for both our CCA meetings and the mandatory Auditors training. I certainly hope that you all will join us in Cabell County and tend to our business at hand.  There will be workshops and discussions to be had that will definitely keep you alert and on task. We have had several counties come under attack by the court system in one way shape or fashion that we need to discuss. The outcome of those cases may  very well affect our own counties and how we do business. Don't forget the Door Prize dinner and bring your prize, representative of your County.

CCAWV has partnered with Dave Barton of Shenandoah Valley Group to roll out a new, free benefit to members: an email series dedicated to a variety of HR topics.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its attendant requirements have complicated the world of HR administration substantially. Do you or the person responsible for your county’s HR administration know if your county is an ALE (applicable large employer)? Does the insurance coverage you are offering qualify as MEC (minimum essential coverage)> Are you familiar with the four approaches to determine MV (minimum value) of coverage? Are you confused yet?

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