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CCAWV’s Board of Directors gathered at Wheeling Island Casino in Ohio County on June 22nd and 23rd for their annual spring board meeting. Canvassing requirements had forced the board to meet later than usual, but it was a very productive meeting. Board members and members of the legislative committee reviewed the 2014 Legislative Session,  which, barring the “salary saga”, was a relatively quiet one for Commissioners.


They also reviewed the freshly released Interim Committee Study Topics.  A full list of these topics can be found on the Legislature’s website:                  

CCAWV encourages all Commissioners to review this list, and also to complete the enclosed Issue Nomination Form if  you have any ideas for legislative issues to pursue in the coming year.

An exciting item on the agenda was the announcement of CCAWV’s partnership with Dave Barton at Shenandoah Valley Group to roll out a brand new Dental/Vision Plan:


Guardian boasts the largest network in the state of West Virginia, as well as extremely competitive rates. Contact CCAWV today to see how you can save your county money  while offering them a better product!

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