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A brand new year is upon us.  I see great things happening for CCAWV in 2017 and we need your involvement.  Please join us in making the coming year a year to remember.

I want to say " thank you to Vivian, Megan and the whole staff at the County Commission Association office for another successful year. They make this organization work for everyone and I do not know what we would do without them. We expect so much from them and they always come thru for us.

Thank you also to the Board of Directors and the many committees that worked so hard and spent so many hours on behalf of the association this year. Their guidance and direction is what makes us continue to move forward as we serve the counties of West Virginia.

I am looking forward to 2017 and wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As summer comes to an end and fall is upon us, the weather is very confusing.  Today temperatures reached 100 and felt even hotter. I do hope we have some beautiful, crisp fall weather and that we do not jump straight from hot temperatures to cold and snow.  Fall is such a picturesque time and most of us really love good football weather.

Speaking of weather, August was a beautiful time to be at Canaan Valley for the annual CCAWV Conference.  If you did not attend, you missed a great time of interaction with county commissioners and some very good presenters. The discussion between county commissioners, as we talked about the many issues facing counties, was very enlightening. It was a time to learn what other counties are doing and how they deal with very difficult issues. Many excellent speakers brought a wealth of knowledge during the workshop sessions. It was a great time of networking, sharing experiences and coming together to set the course for the future.

In September, the Board of Directors will meet along with the Legislative Committee to talk about our legislative concerns.  Many of these came from discussions at the August conference. As we get ready for the 2017 Legislative session, which starts in February, we certainly need to focus on those things that will benefit counties the most. Once the legislative agenda is complete, we all need to work hard and make sure our own Delegates and Senators are very informed and know exactly what our needs are and how they can help.

 Please join us as we all work together to get some much needed help and support for counties.  Together WE can.

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer with lots of outdoor activities with family and friends. But, please take a break on August 9-11 to attend the annual conference of the County Commissioners Association to be held at the Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown. We need you to help us make important decisions concerning County Commissions in West Virginia. Your input is very valuable. Please take care of your reservations NOW!

I look forward to seeing all of you there!

Our board met in Martinsburg, WV on May 17-18 at the Holiday Inn and Suites. It was a very good Board meeting with lots of discussion and interaction among members.

The attendance was great!

Doug Copenhaver and Elaine Mauck , members of the Berkeley County Council welcomed us to the county and contributed much to our weekend.

Wow! What a Legislative session. Our heads are reeling from so many bills that had a direct effect on county budgets. It seemed that things changed almost every day and it was so difficult to keep up with exactly how much those changes would cost the county. We still have issues that are being studied by the Legislature and we can expect those to be back next year. It was an interesting session, to say the least.

Lots and lots of thanks go to Vivian Parsons and Steve Kominar for their unwavering support of counties. I could not begin to know just how many hours they spent at the Capitol keeping up with all the legislation that was forever changing. Vivian and Megan always seemed to find time to inform our membership as to what was happening on a daily basis. This allowed everyone to stay in contact with their own legislators and made a huge difference in the outcome of the session. We now have time to get ready for next year and, hopefully, be better prepared to deal with the issues.

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